Thanks to all the amazing artists, labels, organisations and viewers that have helped us capture and enthuse over some truly incredible Musical performances. 

We are taking an indefinite break from presenting sessions as our team focus on our main love, running start together recording studios in belfast.  

The sessions will remain alive on youtube, social media and with the artists. we are proud of what we brought together and the amount of views they continue to receive from across the world. 

special thanks to the talented crew  members ciara, billy, joe, georgia, carl and sophie price who helped us along the way. Thanks also to stevie lennox and to sophie arscott for managing sessions and media.

We are lucky to continue to feel the magic of the live room in our studio, we hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our world.

We will now offer live session filming & recording as a service via start together and continue to collaborate with friends and partners to bring you the best sounding sessions live at start together.