About Us

Unique live performances.  Up close and personal.
A recording studio live room is a special place:  A world where musicians lock together as one, performing with urgency and sincerity.  Knowing their songs will be forever captured & presented to the world creates an atmosphere unlike any other location.
We experienced this feeling while running Start Together Studios in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter. For ten years, we have helped N.Irish acts launch careers, recording debut albums and singles, as well as recording & mixing 500+ artists from all around the world for independent and major labels, management companies and broadcasters.
In recent years we’ve noted how our ever-growing love for discovering new music is intrinsically linked to the honour of experiencing artists perform like this in our space.
The Live Room will showcase the best new artists from across the world. We’ll beam exclusive sessions from our studio wonderland right here in Belfast.
We’ll invite intimate audiences to feel the energy that bounces off the walls.
This helps us to capture the unique mood for you as you watch.
You will feel like you can reach out and touch your new favourite band.